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Cocoa butter – BIO

Theobroma cacao

Origin: Ivory Coast

Cocoa butter has irresistible chocolate fragrance and it is widely used for naturally healing of dry, sensitive skin, as well as for making natural soaps, massage bars and other cosmetic products. It is invaluable ingredient of many face and body products, providing moisture and smoothness to the skin and protecting it from environmental damage. Cocoa butter contains cocoa mass polyphenol, which helps ease dermatitis or rash. That is why this butter is one of the few gentle ingredients in our Natali balm for sensitive skin.

Creating a protective, water-resistant layer on your skin, cocoa butter is a great partner during the summer. So, for practical reasons, our cocoa butter is in form of pellets; grab few pieces before the beach and off you go!


Weight: 80 g

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Botanical name

Theobroma cacao


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