Copaiba essential oil

Copaifera officinalis

The use of copaiba essential oil dates back to the 16th century. The indigenous people of Brazil used copaiba in ointments, and often also consumed it to soothe many health problems.

Copaiba essential oil is used in traditional medicine and aromatherapy to relieve symptoms of tension. In modern medicine, copaiba is described in several scientific studies noting the great potential of the essential oil in relieving many a problem. The smell of copaiba is not intense, but rather mild, with vanilla and conifer traces. It is used for the preparation of fragrances, soaps or perfumes, since it can be applied as a fixative. It is also an excellent ingredient in massage creams due to its soothing effect on aching muscles after sports or other physical activity. Copaiba essential oil contains no allergens and is therefore also suitable for the care of sensitive skin.

Volume: 10 ml

Product properties

Essential oil
Steam distillation
Tree resin

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Botanical name

Copaifera officinalis


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Extraction method

steam distillation of tree resin

Odour intensity



herbal, resinous, woody


middle to high