Basil (ct chavicol) – BIO essential oil

Ocimum basilicum


Essential oil of basil is quite liquid with bright green to yellow color. It fits perfectly in various blends to which it adds its sweet and herbaceous aroma. It is often used in natural soaps and household products.

It blends well with essential oils of lemon, juniper, melissa and geranium.

As this essential oil contains compound methyl chavicol (estragol) it should not be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, as well as persons with hormone-sensitive breasts and ovarian cancer!

Origin: India

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Product properties

Essential oil
Steam distillation
Leaves and flowering tops

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BASIL (ct chavicol) - BIO

Botanical name

Ocimum basilicum


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Extraction method

steam distillation of above ground section of the plant


fresh, herbaceous, herbal

Odour intensity



middle to high

Maximum concentration RIFM

2 % (1 to max. 4 drops in 10 ml)